Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship 2023 in Australia

The University of Melbourne has prominence in high achievements in every field of study. It has produced the best professionals and researchers in the world by collaborating with its international partners. However, the Melbourne University engages the staff and students to think big and empowers them to talk and act on sustainability issues with sheer confidence and knowledge.

Therefore, the Melbourne international undergraduate grant allows students to experience world-class learning under the supervision of experts and technicians in related fields. Moreover, the international grant at Melbourne University is for every area of study offered by the university. However, the scholarship is an acknowledgment for international students of their academic excellence.

The University of Melbourne, Australia, is one of the leading as well as the safest place for students to study. In order to cope with the changing dynamics of the world. the university has developed a sustainable plan which is designed to make the campuses more sustainable.

The plan allows the students, staff, and researchers to make valuable contributions to this challenging world. This is a great chance for talented students to participate in all these progressive strategies and learn to implement them in their real lives. For this, the Melbourne undergraduate scholarship program helps those students to be part of a great strategy who are otherwise unable to afford the study in the leading university of Australia.

The following article comprises detailed information about the benefits of the Melbourne University Scholarship 2023 to academically bright students. Although the application procedure is simple, the article also contains complete guidance in order to prevent any inconvenience to the applicants. In addition to all these, the complete eligibility criterion is being discussed along with the required academic grades. As the University of Melbourne is a study destination for international students.

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The international scholarship for undergraduate students is a stepping stone toward this destiny for talented, brilliant, and excellent international students.

Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship 2023:

Host Country:

  • Australia

Host University:

  • University of Melbourne

Degree Level:

  • Undergraduate

Program Duration:

  • 4 years of duration

Eligibility Criteria of the Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship 2023:

  • The applicant must be an international student and not a citizen of Australia or New Zealand.
  • The applicant must not be a permanent resident of Australia.
  • The applicants must have already received an offer letter from the University of Melbourne.
  • The applicant must have received top high secondary school grades or equivalent that place the applicant in the top 3% such as:
    • 3A* in A-levels (At least 93%)
    • In Australian Foundation studies, at least 98%.
    • In International Baccalaureate, at least score 42.
    • According to US High School, at least a GPA of 3.9 and along with SAT of at least 1500 and an ACT of at least 31.
    • According to Canada Secondary School, an overall score of 97%.
    • According to India Secondary School, an overall score of at least 95%.
    • In Vietnam High School, an overall score of at least 90%.
  • The student must not have undertaken any previous tertiary studies.

How to apply for the Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship 2023?

  • No Separate application is required to apply for the scholarship.
  • If the students receive an unconditional course offer from Melbourne University and whose academic results fulfil the eligibility criteria, they will automatically be considered for the scholarship.
  • The student has to apply for the undergraduate program at the University of Melbourne with the regular procedure of admission.
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