AMREF Virtual Nursing School School Fees Booklet 2023/24 Academic Year PDF

AMREF Virtual Nursing School Fee Structure for the 2024 Academic year PDF.

AMREF Virtual Nursing School Fee Booklet

The AMREF Virtual Nursing School Fee Booklet covers the residential fees, accommodation fees, textbooks, quotation, fee summary, fees statement, examination fees, Courses Fee, Registration Fee, Admission Fee, Application Fees, and other fees charged for the Academic year, Including Fees Payable to AMREF Virtual Nursing School, and Fees Payable to the Bank is accessible through this page.


Payments of fees should be made on time before the beginning of each semester.

Otherwise adequate and acceptable arrangements to that effect should be made at registration.

Failure to pay within the specified period will result in the withdrawal of registration. Fees paid will not be refunded if a student withdraws or leaves the college without permission.

How to Download AMREF Virtual Nursing School Fees Booklet PDF

To download the AMREF Virtual Nursing School¬†Fees as PDF for your convenience is very simple…..just follow the steps below for successful payment of the Institution’s fee.

Step 1: 

On your Browser, search for

Step 2:

Navigate to where you have Fee Portal, “Click on it”

Step 3:

Under the Fees Category, you will find all the fees to be paid by candidates and AMREF Virtual Nursing School Aspirants

Step 4:

Choose if you want to download or just view, at this point its left for you.

AMREF Virtual Nursing School Fees Payment Method

AMREF Virtual Nursing School’s Fees can be paid through the following methods;

  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards
  • the institutions web credit card payments
  • Bank deposit
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
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