List of Courses Offered at Kaiboi TTI 2022/2023

Kaiboi TTI Courses And Requirements.

>>>>If you are one of those students, wondering what course you could study at Kaiboi Technical Training Institute -TTI, read on for you will find every details of the courses available at the Institution.

Check out the list of available accredited list of Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Masters, Certificate, Diploma, Degree, Distance Learning programmes offered at Kaiboi Technical Training Institute -TTI.

Courses offered at Kaiboi TTI And Requirements

Below is the list of accredited courses offered at Kaiboi Technical Training Institute -TTI, make your choice of study.

Certificate in secretarial studies
•    Certificate in information technology
•    Diploma in accountancy
•    Diploma in analytical chemistry
•    Diploma in business administration
•    Diploma in agricultural mechanics
•    CPA I&II
•    Diploma in Business management
•    Diploma in Automotive Engineering
•    KATC
•    Craft in computer systems and applications
•    Craft in agriculture Engineering
•    Diploma in Information technology
•    Diploma in information communication technology
•    Diploma in general agriculture
•    Diploma in mechanical engineering
•    Craft in carpentry and joinery
•    Craft in computer studies
•    Craft in electrical and electronic engineering
•    Craft in general agriculture
•    Craft in human resources management

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