SANC Application Downloadable Forms (UPDATED)

South Africa’s Nursing Council (SANC) Downloadable Application Forms.

SANC has uploaded the necessary and important forms for nurses who want to explore more and be successful in their nursing careers. has provided direct links to help students locate these documents with ease.

South Africa’s Nursing Council

There are various services provided by SANC to applicants who wish to pursue a nursing career in South Africa.

These services include registration, licensure, nursing education and training, financial aid, and lots more.

List of Nursing Schools in South Africa

How to Apply to SANC

Before anyone could be successful in their career journey in South Africa with South Africa’s Nursing Council, such an individual must pass through an application process that involves filling out the application forms, often done online.

Read down; you will find the list of these forms, what they are for, and how to download them.

SANC Application Forms

Application forms accessible from South Africa’s Nursing Council range from SANC Restoration Form, SANC Registration Form, SANC Completion Form, SANC Renewal Form, SANC E Register, SANC Voluntary Removal Form, and lots more.

Quick Links to SANC Application Forms

SANC Application Form for Registration of Additional Qualification

SANC Re – Assessment Application Form

SANC Application for Restoration

SANC Application for Distinquishing Devices

SANC Application For newly Admitted

SANC Application for Certificate of Registration

SANC Application for Registration as Assesor

SANC Application for Refund

SANC Application for Personal details update

SANC POPIA Consent Form

SANC Voluntary Removal Form

SANC Contact Details

For queries and more information about South Africa’s Nursing Council (SANC), applicants can reach SANC via the contact details below.

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012 420-1000


+27 12 420-1000 Fax:


012 343-5400


+27 12 343-5400

E-mail: [email protected]



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