Kenya KRA P9 form, Download Pdf

Kenya KRA P9 form, How to Download form, how to File KRA Returns Using P9 Form, how to download it from GHRIS and TSC Human Resource online Portals.

KRA P9 form

The KRA P9 Form is the form from KRA Income Tax Department that is given to employees by their employer. It shows the employee what they had earned in the previous year and how tax has been deducted from those earnings.

This P9 is a form contains the total income you have earned in a year and depending on your employer, may include the following,

  • Basic salary
  • Allowances and benefits
  • Gross salary
  • Pension contribution
  • PAYE charged
  • Personal relief entitlement.

How to File KRA Returns using P9 Form

This guide here will give you the step by step procedure of how to file back your KRA itax returns online especially for the individuals with employment income.

All Individuals with employment income must pay income tax and therefore need to be supplied with a KRA P9 Form by their employer.

So, depending on your company structure, visit your Human Resource Officer (HR) for your KRA P9 Form copy.

How to Download KRA P9 form

To Download the KRA P9 Form Online, Kindly Navigate to KRA Official website via: And click on “KRA Form” from there. you will be able to download the KRA Form.

Kindly visit the official website or drop a comment below, we will respond to you ASAP.
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