KRA iTax Returns And How to File Online, Steps Guide

How to file KRA iTax Returns Online for employees with Employment Income

The Government of Kenya has mandated that any person above the age of 18 years should acquire an Identity Card that will enable him/her to apply for the very important KRA pin. Even College and University students are required to apply for the KRA iTax Pin in order to be advanced the HELB loan. He/she is also obligated to file back the KRA itax returns every year.

To file back KRA iTax Returns every year is a right and an obligation of every adult citizen in Kenya who has registered for KRA pin number.

The KRA iTax Returns 2022 procedure below is for employees and staff with employment income. i.e. Individuals who will be issued with KRA P9 Form by their employers.

How to file your KRA iTax Returns Online for employees with Employment Income

Step 1:

Visit the KRA iTax online portal website at

Step 2:

At the KRA iTax portal login page enter your KRA Pin number, password and the answer to the security question

Step 3:

After login in, go to returns tab and click ‘ITR for Employment income Only

Step 4:

Then in the new window, fill all the fields marked with an asterix (*) in section A. Click next.

Step 5:

In section ‘T’ for Tax computation only two items are necessary if your employer has correctly submitted your taxes

Step 6:

Defined Pension Contribution (Total pension contributed by the employee)

Step 7:

Personal relief for the whole year which should be to a maximum of Ksh. 13,944. Click Next.

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Step 8:

In section ‘F’ Details of employment Income, scroll yo the bottom of the page and confirm if as per the p9 form, the Gross pay is correctly entered. You can click on modify if your employer returned for less than 12 months. Click next.

Step 9:

In section ‘M’ – Details of PAYE deducted at source from salary – confirm that all the details indicated with an asterix (*) are correctly indicated as per what is given in the P9 form. You can modify if necessary. Click next.

Step 10:

In Section ‘Q1’ – Details of income tax paid in advance – Fill in the details if they are applicable to you. This is the last step of the return. Click ‘Submit’.

Step 11:

Download the copy of the submitted returns for safekeeping.



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